What is Hell's Half Acre

"Support your own shortcut to tidewater"

In 1937, they followed a vision to create a trade route that would provide a link to the west coast through the Rocky Mountains. With little, to no government support, pioneers from the Peace Region of BC and Alberta together lead a drive to push the route through themselves.  

Hells Half Acre gets its name from the most daunting section of land negotiated by the trail blazing crew. It is a quarter mile section, where huge chunks of rock lay in their way, the product of an ancient slide off the face of Mount Watts.

Today this route is accessible only by foot.  A 47 km out and back hike, from Kinuseo Falls to Monkman Lake.  Alternatively there is the option for a one direction 63km hike over the Rocky Mountains and ending just north east of Prince George. This is the true route of the Ford Model T.  



Each Coffee Has It's Own Story

Muskwa Medium

In the Cree legend, Mista Muskwa was a massive bear that roamed the land doing whatever he wanted. He wrecked homes, pillaged food caches, scared away game, ripped up edible plants and killed all who got in his way.


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Fire 19

It was the summer of 1950, and a small fire burned freely in northern BC. Due to a lack of settlements in the region it was local forest management policy at the time to let these fires burn. And it burned…


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Tuchodi Dark 

When my grandfather was on his deathbed at 91 years old, his eyes were closed, and with his hands, he quietly acted out the motions of fly-fishing his favourite river.


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Without a word, he stood on the edge of the bank in his grey three-piece suit, held up a finger to the sky as if he was testing the wind. Then out of nowhere, he turns and dives headfirst into the river, pops up and shouts, “The water is COLD!”


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Peacefully Medium

You would believe this blend is inspired by a scenery that brings peace within like a soft breeze kissing your skin on a sunny day. Instead, it's inspired by a piece of history. A touching one none the least.  


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Weaving itself like a snake through the land. This ever-changing river with its black soil banks has carved its way through crops and fields. Leaving oxbows and lakes and other unique landforms in its wake.


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Early Gold 

British Columbia’s Caribou Gold Rush Trail was a bustling, wild and often violent place in the 1800s.


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