How The Peace River Gave Its Name to Our Own Peacefully Blend

You would believe this blend is inspired by a scenery that brings peace within like a soft breeze kissing your skin on a sunny day. Instead, it's inspired by a piece of history. A touching one none the least.  

These banks tell a long story of conflict and struggle between the Dane-zaa First Nations and the Cree. The Peace River gets its name after a peace treaty that brought these two nations together. The treaty ruled that the river would be the boundary; the Dane-zaa territory to the north and Cree territory to the south.  Separated by a long winding river that drains glacier water through the Rocky Mountains and carries its current all the way to the Arctic Ocean. 

As a gateway to the west for both the Hudson’s Bay and North West companies.  Bringing people, trade, communities, forts, towns, as well as disease with it. Most everything was a challenge. The wide river with its steep banks and unsuspecting Swift Current took skill to manage. But whether it's trails, arrowheads, dinosaur bones, the sweet smell of canola or your own moment of Peace. You will find it all here.  

As we like to say, peace, always. 


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