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Our Coffee Story

This coffee is dedicated to the pioneers that dared to follow a dream and take control over their own destiny. These people did not just live in the Peace Country they helped create it.

In 1937, they followed a vision to create a trade route that would provide a link to the west coast through the Rocky Mountains via a low pass. With little to no government support, these pioneers lead a drive to push the route through themselves.

Ford Model A

"Support your own shortcut to tidewater"

Hells Half Acre gets its name from the most daunting section of land negotiated by the trail blazing crew. It is a quarter mile section, where huge chunks of rock lay in their way, the product of an ancient slide off the face of Mount Watts.

Sadly, the project came to a halt, but not before they had managed to drive, push, pull and coax a Ford Model A through the pass carrying a symbolic bag of grain. The outbreak of World War II spelled the end of the project. Many of the participants dropped their tools and lined up to serve, and some made the ultimate sacrifice.

About Us

A group of local business men who all shared the same passion for bringing big city opportunities to the North. There is no reason why we can not have access for fresh local brewed beer, fresh local roasted coffee, fresh local grown produce.  Supporting local is what we are about, growing big while staying local is our goal.  

The Trail Blazers 1937

Brooks, Chambers, Monkman, and McGinnis

"Support your own shortcut to tidewater"

Fresh Locally Roasted Coffee Beans

You know its good, because its fresh.

Ford Model A

and its journey through the pass

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