It's time for a change, why not make a change to your morning with us?

Whether crossing rivers, lakes, streams or mountains. Every day should start right... your best day starts with your best coffee



"I come to work just for the coffee, is that wrong?"


"Its so good, Idrink it black.. Except on the weekends"

Connie Vinge

"Had cabin fever last weekend, took a trip to Dawson Creek and bought a bag of your Kiskatibaw dark roast - hands down the best coffee I have ever had.  Have traveled to lots of different countries and had bought many different bags of beans from Italy, Portugal, Tasmania, New Zealand, Australia to name a few...  Yours is my favorite of all time.  So excited that you are close by and will send by mail.  Have told a lot of people at the school where I teach about your coffee and we all know how much teachers love a good cup or two of coffee! Great product!"

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DIY Coffee Rub for Everyday Grilling

Because coffee should be there every step of the journey.. If you love coffee so much you want to eat it for dinner, this rub is for you.  Not that in love with coffee?  Just want to take it slow, see how it goes?  This coffee rub will still fit the bill! Equipment Coffee grinder (or a small food processor if you don't have a grinder) Ingre...
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