The Story Behind the Muskwa Coffee

As you may already know, all our roasts our inspired by legends, past events, or scenery. We come to love this specific tale. It makes the coffee even better.


In the Cree legend, Mista Muskwa was a massive bear that roamed the land doing whatever he wanted. He wrecked homes, pillaged food caches, scared away game, ripped up edible plants and killed all who got in his way. He got away with this bad behaviour for many years, until the rest of the animals decided it was time for the bully Mista Muskwa to leave traditional lands. The animal group sent the best hunters and trackers – the birds – to run Mista Muskwa off the land.


It is said that Mista Muskwa and his pursuers were so fast that they flew into the northern night sky. Just as this happened, the bear was mortally wounded and he turned and faced his attackers. Mista Muskwa was bleeding badly and he shook, as a wet dog would shake, and as he did, blood from his wound fell to the earth and landed and stayed on all the broad-leafed plants. That is why the leaves of all broad leafed plants change colour in the fall. As Mista Muskwa shook, he also splattered a drop of blood on the bird that mortally wounded him.


To this day, pipichew – the robin – has a red chest. To remind all of the rewards of bullies, Mista Muskwa was placed in the sky along with the seven birds (Corona Borealis). Pipichew (the brightest of the 7 birds) was given a further honour by being granted a special egg. It was the colour of the sky and had speckles that represented the stars.


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