Kiskatinaw River and its Impressive Bridge

Weaving itself like a snake through the land. This ever-changing river with its black soil banks has carved its way through crops and fields. Leaving oxbows and lakes and other unique landforms in its wake.

One of the impressive points of the Kiskatinaw River is the historic curved wooden bridge built in 1942 to provide access to oil and gas fields in the area. Imagine a leisurely Sunday drive, the trees painted all the colours of autumn. As you drive out across the Kiskatinaw River this bridge forces you to take a hairpin 90 degree turn as you're about to cross the gorge. Known as the longest wooden trestle bridge of its time, it is a significant example of what can be accomplished when it’s required. It is minutes off of the Alaska Highway and is now a popular tourist attraction and symbol of the region's history and cultural heritage.

It is from the Peace River that the Kiskatinaw River flows. Better fishing is known to be found in the Peace River but you can still get a hold of pike, bull, and rainbow trout in Kiskatinaw. 


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