Have A Holly Jolly Coffee - 5 coffees that will brighten your Christmas morning

5 new ways to drink your coffee at Christmas

It's hard to say what the best thing about Christmas is; family being together, all the fun lights, time off from work (if you get it), or yes, even the gifts under the tree and the little ones' excitement over them.  But we think the best thing about Christmas is the coffee.

No matter the journey this holiday season, whether it's an 18 hour drive to family, or a walk down the street, a 12 hour shift, or sleeping in until noon, we got you.

1. Irish Cream Cold Brew

An absolute classic at Christmas time is to add a little "holiday cheer" to your coffee.  Whether you use an Irish liqueur or a non-alcoholic alternative, we highly recommend cold brew and a little splash (or a big one, we don't judge) of Irish Cream on holiday mornings.

2. Hazelnut "Hedgehog" Coffee

We don't know about anyone else, but those wonderful hazelnut hedgehogs are a staple around here, and why not extend that lovely taste to your coffee?  Simply combine 3 cups of brewed coffee (we recommend the Fire 19 Espresso) in a saucepan with 1 cup of your preferred milk or cream, up to .5 cup of your preferred sugar or sweetener (but this is really to taste), and .25 cup of Nutella or other hazelnut spread.  Stir it all up until the Nutella melts and everything is a smooth consistency.  Bonus points for topping with whipped cream and/or chocolate sauce.  Merry Sugar Rush, everyone!

3. Christmas Sugar Cookie Coffee

Christmas cookies are a classic for a reason.  Can't bake?  Burn everything that you ever dared to put into the oven?  Have no fear.  With this Christmas Sugar Cookie Coffee creamer.  Simply combine 2 cups of half-and-half (or substitute your preferred milk), .5 cup of white chocolate chips, 3 tbsp of vanilla syrup, and .5 tsp of almond extract into a saucepan.  Cook until the chocolate melts.  Pour yourself a cup of Peacefully Medium, and add as much Christmas Sugar Cookie creamer as you'd like!

4. Simply Cinnamon Coffee

Yes, it's that easy! Simply add cinnamon to your coffee.  Feeling extra festive?  Sub out the cinnamon for All-Spice.  Perfect for festive mornings on the go.

5. Peppermint Coffee

Again, Christmas mornings can be busy.  If you're always on the go during the holidays, but still feel holly and jolly, try simply stirring your coffee with a candy cane!

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